Cleaning glass elements:

The problem with using alcohol is that the static is not eliminated. I use any of the following: household ammonia (spectacular results), Windex, or simply tap water with a bit of dish liquid in it. Just make sure that when you wipe it off with a soft (very clean) tissue there is no residue. If so, you have too much dish liquid in the water.

For single elements from dissembled lenses I put a drop of this cleaner on each side of the lens and gently hold a clean tissue against both sides of the element while I turn the element in a circle. This works well but, a caveat, on a few lenses that have a certain rare earth element, doing this can cause circular lines. An example of this is the second to the last element on the Minolta PF 1.4/58mm. This element is very soft and scratches easily. However, this is rare. - David Lyga