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But in the case of Warhol, the equivalent analogy is, not the photograph of, but the artwork on, the Cambell Soup cans. Would you be ok with what this guy did if he printed out the Getty stock image, took a photograph of that, and then photoshopped it to make his "art"?
I didn't say I was OK with anything he did or really cared what Warhol did.

Warhol, if I remember correctly, took his own pictures of the soup cans and then did his thing.

This guy took someone else work and then mucked them up.

That is the difference I was pointing out.

As far as Campbell Co suing Warhol, they probably thought about it but decided it was good publicity.

If someone took one of my pictures and messed with them I'd sue them. Actually I'd probably go find where they live and fuck them up.