Hi! I feel bad to have my first post be such a sad plea for help, but here goes:

I purchased a Beseler CII-XL Dichro via Craigslist many years ago, and use it for 35mm printing. I've recently gotten into medium format toy camera stuff, and would like to print those photos at home. After reading this forum for advice, I purchased this lens and board...but maybe I screwed up. Is a "C23" not compatible with what I have? The board has no screw holes, where the one it came installed with has two.

Also, I tried following the instructions I found at this thread: http://www.apug.org/forums/forum41/5...-enlarger.html but can not get the existing board to just "pop out," even after removing the two screws.

I have the original manual, but it's worse than useless. I'm kind of embarrassed to have this professional piece of equipment, and not know how to really use it or maintain it beyond the basics...and I'm terrified I'm going to break something. Any help would be appreciated!