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Hmmm.... I routinely store Xtol in full 1 liter bottles in a fridge. I take them out several days before I use them. I haven't noticed any obvious problems in my negatives from doing this, but I didn't know that the sulfite precipitates out. My bottles aren't clear, so I wouldn't be able to see it. I'm not really a chemist, but doesn't sulfite act as a preservative? If so, then the fact that it precipitates out doesn't sound like a good thing. Also, I'm guessing that the lower sulfite level might impact the apparent size of the grain.
As a result of your posting, I put a 1L bottle of XTOL in the fridge last night. This morning, it had a thin layer of precipitate on the bottom which, upon disturbing the bottle, broke up and floated around in the fluid, looking like pieces of shredded tissue. Both of my prior batches of XTOL have done this at room temperature over a couple of months, so refrigeration sped-up that process. I'm leaving it in the fridge to see how much precipitate forms.

Mark Overton