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Thanks, everyone! I went and tried again and although there's a bit of give, it just does not want to move. I'm wondering if the guy I bought it from modified it in some way? I took some pics of how it looks with the 35mm lens mounted, and the front of the enlarger.

I guess I'm not sure what the different lensboards look like, or why you would want a different one for a different length of lens...but now I see the table in the manual where they list the lensboard numbers. Is it worth trying to track down the proper one, or do you think I might be able to make it work?

I have that model of enlarger but with the simple bulb-and-condenser head. For various reasons my lens board is a bit too long front to back such that pushing the lens to the back will not move the lens board enough to clear the front flange. (The one to the top in your pic.) If you loosen the two little phillips head screws in the front (top) that flange will dip down a bit, perhaps enough to let the edge of the lens board clear. If you take them out completely the flange bar will fall off and the board too. So be careful and mind where those screws fall, but doing this will not break anything in a normal 23CII; I've done it several times myself.

Good luck