APUG postcard exchange #26

Hi folks and thankyou all for the photos received so far. Here they are listed in the order they arrived :

1 - Michigan Avenue.
J Rollinger
City street scene . Nicely framed with a sense of movement throughout . Hp5+ and Rodinal I notice . A combination often advised against on forums. Looks pretty good here though!

2 - Hiroshima Peace Memorial.
Rachel (mooseontheloose)
A night photograph, solid illuminated main subject with lots of motion blur dotted around the frame. Lots of details to enjoy.

3 - The Back Garden - 29th January 2011.
Andy C (Oxleyroad)
Always nice to look at infrared photos. Just that slight sidestep from everyday tonalities . Lots of depth in this pic of a very organised veg garden.

4 - Textures, Shoreline Park.
Darwin (DRPSilver)
Received Tue 19/06/2012
A very crisp and full toned print. This one has grown on me quite a bit . I like the jagged edges and the contrasty light .

5 - Truro Reservoir.
George Richards (George Nova Scotia)
Received Tue 17/07/2012
Lovely atmosphere to this tree and waterscape ir photograph. Nice soft clouds too. I do like 35mm landscapes .

6 - NYC, Empire State from Brooklyn Bridge.
Jim O
Stark and expansive city and cloudscape. Nicely framed.

7 - Envelope containing set of 3:
Lake Ontario Shore
Church of the Silver Ball
Toronto Skyline from Lake Ontario.
Mike Wild
What can I say? Going above and beyond the call of duty -3 great photos (one in colour) each on different paperstock, my favourite being the Lake Ontario shore on pretty old and slightly fogged paper.

8 - Hornby Island Rocks.
Judith Higham (blujeh)
A nice abstract , this one. Taking plenty of time to absorb the shapes and textures .

9 - Simon Fraser University Pool.
Ed Higham
Very sharp defined edges to the building though I find myself drawn to the details in the background . Tall trees and mountains (?) through atmospheric haze. The pool in the foreground helps to evoke a still and silent mood .

10 - Frozen Trio.
Eugene Anikin (anikin)
More infrared! I need to get onto this myself. A jazz trio frozen in time. The background trees and bushes look like they are made of ice crystals. Possibly my favourite so far.

11- Couple photographing themselves in front of the US Capitol.
A photgraph of a photgraph in the making. Very smooth tonality to this print. Just the right amount of everything.

12 - "What are you looking at?"
Jacco de Kraker (kraker)
very atmospheric image with a grainy, brooding sky and slightly warm tone.
Lots of depth and lots of fine detail to peruse .

Hope to get a few more through. Thanks again for all the great work. Here's to round 27...