Thanks for all the good advice. I am NOT going to strip it or repaint. I will lightly brush the chipping paint away and apply some Watco oil finish to exposed wood. Watco wipes on and will not stick to the paint. I hope. Testing will be done. I am very familiar with spray teflon as my former overlord used to bottle it. Good for many things, but I think not this. We also used to have several oil coating sprays for rust protection, but Loctite bought us out and discontinued our products. Some were unique and now not found anywhere. Careful cleaning of the rust will be necessary and I think light coats of WD 40 for rust protection and heavier oil for the screws and gears. I may wax the the sliding wood ways. I am tempted to sandblast and paint the major stand parts. I also have glue separation on the stand uprights. They are made of 2 pieces. The lower half is still held together by the stand castings and bolts, but the upper portions are separated. I have noticed on similar Ansco models that there are cast top caps that would prevent splitting. A factory improvement! I could re-glue or bolt them together without disassembly. Perhaps that rust converter stuff may be sufficient for the very rusty stand castings and eliminate any disassembly. I am as lazy as the next guy and learned not to do antique automobile, motorcycle or radio restoration ever again. I hope. Again!

This week I need to procure an air shutter bulb and mount an old meniscus lens. I also need some real tiny screws. Hobby shop? Is the Packard company air bulb and hose the best way to go or can I cheap out with the eBay knockoff?

I saw a u-Tube video where this Ansco model often had a film holder rack attached with 2 bolts and a storage place for the now missing 8X10 back.I am amazed at how many LF cameras are missing their full size back. A pity. There are no unused holes where these accessories were perhaps mounted.

Thanks again for all your responses!

btw, I have the opportunity to buy a very original and extremely good condition Kodak D2. I think I better buy it as it needs absolutely nothing but a dusting. This camera business is getting out of hand...Now how do I get rid of the big Levy process camera...