I have the opposite problem.

Tourists see me with a photo bag, a tripod etc. and think "this might be the right person" and ask me to take their picture.

They give me a small piece of plastic with a small LCD on the back.

Believe it or not, you have to keep this in front of you (between you and the subject) and look inside the little LCD to find traces of a composition. There usually is too much ambient light and the image is very confused.

The LCD thing also has some flashing points that probably mean the camera is focusing on the wrong place.

When I see the picture after the fact, it is usually awful. Tilted sideway, half-heads cut or feet cut away or something like that.
I know I blush while offering to take another.
They usually say "fine" and go away very puzzled, or happy that somebody with a complete gear set was not able to compose a picture decently.
They probably think: "next time I'll ask someone younger".

One has to get a bit accustomed to anything new, no matter how easy it is to operate it.