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Well, I work with computers all day every day and I've turned into a Luddite with regard to the rest of my life. I got rid of my cell phone years ago because the danged thing just wouldn't leave me alone. I love using my great grandfather's Weston light meter, converting from Weston emulsion speed to iso, converting the F value to a U.S. [universal system] aperture value on my 90 year old Kodak autographic with pre-flashed paper loaded... carefully leveled on the tripod, looking through that "mirrored" viewfinder, and firing it off with a cable release and counting off the seconds... Then I get the delicious thrill of wondering what it will look like when I develop it. I know a lot of you folks here do a lot more than that all the time with your photography.

But I was at a party a few months ago and someone handed me their phone and asked me to take a group picture. I didn't know which way to hold it, and then when I finally held it right, I had my fingers over the lens ( I had no clue where the lens was ). You were supposed to sort of tap at the screen to make it take the photo. So I guess I'm just the reverse of your experience. I'd be thrilled if a tourist handed me a manual focus camera, and giddy if they also handed me the light meter to get the exposure right...
I have a Weston light meter too, and it seems to work just fine.
The thing is, I don't know how to translate it to iso.
Could you please tell me how to use it?