Just a short comment for the general public: in the recent past I tried reducing the need for Ilfochrome chems. With these steps I could increase the amount of paper processed with a given quantity of Ilfochrome soup at least by a factor of 3 or 4:
  • I replaced the developer with home brew Dr. Beer's developer. Note that the choice of dev (Dr. Beer's offers 8 choices from very soft to extra hard) had no impact on the final image. I added 2g/l KSCN to this dev to make it work with the Ilfochrome process.
  • I made a bunch of experiment with reuse of Ilfochrome dye bleach. So far I was unable to exhaust the bleach. It could be reused over and over again with no visible change in the images. I also reused working solution dye bleach after storage for over a month in the basement with no visible effect on image appearance.
  • I replaced the fixer with Agfa 304 fixer with addition of 20g/l Borax, which puts the pH close to 6.5. Note, that standard rapid fixer can not be used for this. The dye bleach bath is extremely acidic and will cause sulfur precipitation in any fixer that is not sufficiently well buffered. Remember, there is no wash step between dye bleach and fixer. If your processor supports more than 4 liquids kept at proper temperature, a wash step between dye bleach and fixer might make rapid fixer work.