I know at least two of us, (that includes myself) are presenting new work. I'm not sure of Kym and Steve, although I will gladly check. Of course Prifti's work will be similar if not the exact, for sadly obvious reasons. Since you are making an effort from a distance if you were to come, I should mention that the space Melitte and I have chosen to take are smaller walls (If you remember I had enormous 20 x 24's up last time and got the lion's share of wall space and I want others to have a bigger piece of the pie this time around). I will have one or two new 20 x 24's up and then four or five new 10 x 12's up to show this time around so it won't be quite as huge as the last show, for me personally but the group in total has a great space to show so it is quite exciting. Melitte has new work as well to present. I'll check with the others and re post when I hear back. Thanks as always for your interest.