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Dave, slightly off topic but do you understand his notes on page 83 titled "Lab Worksheet"? I presume its multiple exposures per print with platinum formulaes - ratio method? Would also guess he pre-soaked his paper so could properly register each exposure.
Van, do you have a direct link to page 83, there are so many notes that its taking a while to go through. He was using multiple exposures with multiple negatives, more specfically :

'The separation of the enlarged negative image into the basic negative + a highlight mask + 1 or 2 overprintings for the shadows gives enormous scope to the printing possibilities. The image is in effect reassembled in an altered relationship of the components.'

I dont believe he was pre-soaking according to his notes, as to properly register each exposure he bonded the printing paper to aluminum, you should see a mention of 'Surelyn' in some of the notes which was the bond he used created by Dupont.