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As a result of your posting, I put a 1L bottle of XTOL in the fridge last night. This morning, it had a thin layer of precipitate on the bottom which, upon disturbing the bottle, broke up and floated around in the fluid, looking like pieces of shredded tissue.

Mark Overton
Uh-oh.... I've seen that shredded tissue look before back when I was using amber glass bottles to store Xtol in the fridge. I thought is was some kind of residue from manufacturing the bottle. I figured it would be gone next time I used the bottles, but then switched to barrier bottles, so I completely forgot about it.

Dammit. And I thought I was being so clever by storing it in full 1 liter bottles in the fridge. Well, it's nice to know the truth anyway. I'll leave them out of the fridge from now on. Thanks for the insight, Mark.