Good to hear Drew. I ordered 140 rolls of it for my 6x12 back. How tough was it to print from in terms of curl? I ask this because using a glass neg carrier on a delicate emulsion like that makes me wonder. Also, how has the QC been recently, I think I tried a roll in 2008 and was not pleased with some of the messiness overall...



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Efke 25 is orthopan for one thing. It's significantly finer-grained than TMX etc, yet with excellent edge acutance. And it has a very long contrasty straight-line, unlike anything else in slow speed.
But the antihalation backing is rather primitive, and one has to be damn careful loading or unloading
120 film. A buddy and I just walked two weeks with heavy packs over some pretty steep mtn terrain,
and both shot Efke 25. I was using a 6x9 back on a 4x5 view camera, and was mainly looking for just
one really good shot of a particular mtn. Well, I got it, and had the insanity to print about a 24-inch
wide print from that tiny 6x9 neg. No other film would have gotten the detail combined with the
extremes of lighting - shadow differentiation way, way down, brilliant clouds all alive with backlight.
Normally I'd do that kind of thing with 8x10 and something like Bergger 200 or TMY400. So it's a film
I'll miss, though it would be nice for someone to actually improve upon the formula. In the meantime,
I've got a reserve of it in the freezer. Don't need much - I mainly shoot sheet film.