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I have noticed generally when people try to convince me of HCB's awesomeness, they tend to default to the elements of composition in the glossary at the back of the Composition 101 book. And when that happens I feel validated in my disinterest in these so-called decisive moments. "This picture is great because the leading lines and the center of interest and the s-curves lead the viewer's eye into the frame". Hooray.

I'm sorry if this is harsh, but seriously Cliveh, we all get it. You love HCB. HCB is the best. Print quality is unimportant. A guy jumping over a puddle is great. Moonrise is not. Etc. What I would ask is that you at least dispense with the s-curves and tell us why you really love these pictures.
They are windows on life and human characteristics in all their multifarious forms. The ability to compose and arrest moving forms and shapes within a frame for me is an ultimate challenge to which I wish to aspire and one I admire in the work of HCB. I don't need to think about his compositional shapes, I just get it.