No way, Ron. First of all, nothing in that speed range has the capacity for detail like Efke 25. Put a
cyan filter on it and you've got light scatter = loss of definition over distance, and something like
ortho, not orthopan, which is a very different nuance in practical terms. Any of these other films need "minus" development to get the range, which blocks up the midtones (there's not enough
straight line on any of them - not until you get up into something distinctly grainier like TMY, which
would be horrendously salt and pepper enlarged 8X. Trying to fake the 8X10 look with anything as
tiny as 6x9 is tricky enough; and so far, this is the only film I've found capable of it. Wouldn't have
chosen roll film at all except that my pack was stuffed to capacity, and I wanted a little more of a
"panoramic" aspect than 4X5, which would have had to be cropped anyway. Either use the last of
my Quickloads (ACROS is also orthopan), or take a changing tent, which would have been a hassle
given the temper tantrums of the weather - get over the passes fast, take only a few priority shots,
then hunker down for the afternoon drenching and lightning storms. It all worked logistically; but I'm
no youngster, and these longer treks have to be done while I still can carry LF gear the distance!