Oh, I should add ... I inevitably lost a few shots to edge fogging, no matter how careful I was to
change film in the shade. My companion lost quite a few using Contax roll film backs. But he also
dunked a lens in the creek, broke two legs on his Gitzo carbon tripod, and took a pretty good scuff
himself. When way off trail days on end, I carry quite a bit of extra food (= extra wt) just in case
we got trapped by the storms or someone twisted an ankle. Just think I'll convert to ACROS for roll
film too. Love it in 4X5 in the mtns, but it lacks just a pinch of detail in the prints. Or maybe I'll con
someone younger into carrying some of my sheetfilm holders! A dozen years ago I would have scoffed at the idea of carrying any pack as ridicuously light as 65 lbs.