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What good is a vision and technique, if what you intended was not what others see?
What "good"? Damn near everything to me.

I'll "give it *my* best shot. If the work satisfies my own inner criteria of what *I* wanted to "DO" - it goes on the wall. HOPEFULLY someone else wil "get it", but if no one does - *I* have done what I set out to do (note 1).
I can truthfully say that I have never produced a work that has not affected - "moved" - ANYONE; ... and just as truthfully, a work that has been perceived by EVERYONE as "good". I CAN say that the work was *MINE*, and that is most important - to me.

I've heard of this before - "*I* will show you the way to say what you want to say" ... and the instructor will demonstrate - but the work invariably ends up "saying" what the instructor wanted it to say ... not the student. This is still useful. There is a underlying question here - how does the instructor KNOW what the student wanted to "say" in the first place? In my opinion, that would take a great deal of "connection", rapport and intimacy. The person I am closest to on the face of this planet is my wife ... and I don't think I'd have much of a clue as to what she would try to "say" at any given time.

I remember the line from Ricky Nelson's "Garden Party" - "You CAN"T please everyone - so you've got to please yourself."

Note 1: Art is a verb. I do art in the same way that I fish. I'll be on the stream, casting as well as I know how to. If I am "successful" - that is - if I catch fish ... all well and good. If I don't - I am still doing what I most WANT to do at that moment - Flycasting. So, "success" or not ... it is a "win" - "win" situation - for me.