well - two are ready for you to see - the third will come soon....

soon to be for sale.

The first is a book containing 80 pages with images of my all time favourite model, Kala.

I made most images in that book, but some are made by a fellow photographer, Ragne Sigmond, and a few by my "evil twin" Anders Schildt.

Big one - 30x30cm in size.

Can be prewieved now..


And I made a book for the love of my life, Stine at her 30'th birthday...

For sale also.. (80pages 30x30cm)


and very soon a 60page book on making bromoil prints using liquid emulsion is out. Hopefully to inspire others to try it out..

(I don't know of any other writings on that technique, so I decided to make one my self...) Stay tuned...