I think I need a proper focusing screen for my Hasselblad 503CW, I am so tired of misfocusing all the time.
Right now, I do have some kind of matte-screen with a split prism in the middle, but I find it very hard to focus with (I do a lot of portraiture and still-animal shooting).

When I've got the dang split-prism thing correct, the subject tend to move a little before I can take the shot and woops, out of focus...
The matte-part of the screen seem to be "ok" concerning focus, but the split screen thing in the middle tend to distract -a lot-, so I am looking for an Acute-matte D with nothing what so ever in the middle.

However, B&H doesn't have this version and I cannot seem to find places that sell this online.

Any good tip on where to get such a focusing screen for my Hasselblad?
As far as I know, the Acute-matte D is supposed to be better than Brightscreen, yes?

Expensive stuff though, should be standard with the Hasselblad IMO...