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This is a good idea!

I would give you one caution though: You'll notice from nearby postings by kb3lms, Dave Krueger and myself that XTOL tends to form a thin film of precipitate on the bottom after storage for a few weeks or a couple of months. Since your tap is on the bottom, any precipitate will come out first. So if it's been a few weeks since you dispensed some XTOL, I suggest examining the beaker for bits floating around.

Mark Overton
The tap is actually an inch or so above the bottom, so I'd have to tip the bucket to get the last of the Xtol. I dispense into a clear graduated cylinder and add water to make a 1:1 solution. I've never seen any precipitate in the solution. I mix the stock solution with heat distilled water to avoid any extra minerals that may precipitate out. I understand some people have seen some in spite of that.

In reality, there might be a little precipitate in the bottom of the bag and I wouldn't notice it. Xtol is pretty cheap, so when it starts getting low, I mix a new batch and store it in a new bag waiting to be installed in the bucket. I rarely try to drain the old back completely dry because of the potential for dregs at the bottom.

Keep up the good work. I'm a big fan of Xtol and your work may lead to a perfect (or better!) substitute if Kodak eventually stops making it.