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Wow! Thanks for all your answers. To flesh it out, i have a 165mm late leaf shutter lens coming and a minolta Iv flash meter too. I will run through testing with my digital before burning any porta!

The lens one of the best Pentax SMC optical performers, is a good choice to extend the flexibility of flash. Speaking of which, I bought two el cheapo thyristor flashes for $69 a pop last year, used with lumiquest diffusers, trusty L758 and auto-triggered non-corded balanced daylight fill: dead easy and I'm sure the Minolta meter will provide just the same flexibility. IMHO though diffuse ambient light is better than trying to whack things into balance in very bright sun.

Reminder re 165 LS: Don't use mirror lock-up with the 165 LS in leaf shutter mode or you'll be up for a costly repair job.