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How many of you hold on to equipment you don't use, simply because you're 'attached' to it?

I'm cleaning out my display case of everything that doesn't get used, and I've come to my Nikon FM. Its clean, it works, and its a nice little kit. It hasn't been shot since November of last year, and now that I have an F100, the likelihood of me picking up the FM for an outing is slim to none. The conveniences of the F100 are just too nice. So it just sits there, in the display case.

Some days I want to sell it, some days I don't. I know that it should be somewhere where someone can enjoy it and USE it, but I have become attached to it and knowing that if I sell it I may never find another one like it keeps it where it is.

How do you guys ration with keeping/selling things?
Well, us collectors, by definition, acquire stuff we don't use, and I have a lot -- several hundreds of cameras many of which work but aren't really cameras you want to try to use. You COULD, but why, when there's a Leica sitting right there?

At times I have gotten rid of things -- gave away a dozen or so movie cameras at a camera show because they were creating a great deal of inattention at $5 each but the little kids loved them, sold the Polaroid SX 70s to some guy in Korea who paid more in shipping than he did for the cameras, and got rid of the Kodak Touristers because they were just butt-ugly.

Some I give to my kids who use them for decoration and to test their wives' patience.
But I keep the rest because they're neat, or wouldn't bring even $5 each and haven't the heart to toss.

And acquiring, and buying and selling, over the years has allowed me to acquire some nice leicas and rolleiflexes .... which are a joy to use.