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Plastic is the way of life now Jon. Did you try to find replacement parts for your old garage door before replacing the entire thing?
I did that. The main problem with it was twofold: One, the radio controlled opener failed (to rebuild it is within my ability, but to adjust it requires a specialized tool which is not going to be easy to find nor inexpensive...and I would have to purchase it only for that single use). Two, the "screw" which drives the door up/down was worn and in this early model, that screw was about 9 feet long and one-piece. The aluminum channel in which it rotated was also worn badly since it had been used since 1974. The old style used an aluminum channel which was cast as a single unit with the motor mount, also. A good design, but maybe too good. Not nearly as much planned obsolescence possible with really good engineering, you know. So all things considered, it seemed to me that replacing it was the best use of $. I did save the control box and remote control unit. Maybe some cold night (if we get any of those in Dallas this year), I'll see about the possibilities of rigging it differently. Maybe use it to control an electric rat killer or something.