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To continue with the technical discussion, Mark, you mention that development times are longer for this formula than XTOL. I see above where you say the time multiplier for TMY is 2.19. Do you have a general idea where we might start with development for a given film (say HP5 or Fomapan 100) based on XTOL? Do you think 2.2 might be a good number? I'm sure it will vary somewhat for each individual film. Just looking for general guidance.
-- Jason
Jason, thanks for sharing the experimenters' approach and attitude. You got it right! I find that it is an adventure. It's almost like explorers of old looking for new lands: I enjoy discovering something new. Surprisingly, even after all these decades, there are still discoveries to be made in B&W developers. Anyway, the formula for this developer looks like something that was diluted 1+1, but it was actually designed that way, and is matching or even beating XTOL's image-quality.

The 2.2 is as good a guess as any for different films. The pH is lower, which films probably respond differently to, so a little dialing-in will be needed for each film.

I didn't know you were working on coating PET. Wow! Maybe I should pay attention to the other forums out there. A quick search showed the long substrates thread.

Mark Overton