I have been using a (second hand) Contax TVS camera for about a year now, but recently have had some strange problems with it and finally it looks like it might be pooched.

Sometimes, especially when using the flash, the first shot taken after being turned on would cause the shutter open but not close. If I couldn't hear the shutter close, I would turn the camera off and turn it back on and then it would make a funny clicking sound -- I'm assuming it was something to do with shutter, as the camera would expect it to be closed when it turns on. The next shot I would take, however, would be fine. After a while of this, it now refuses to turn on. When the power/zoom lever is moved to ON nothing appears in the LCD screen (the second frame counter screen is working) and the shutter with not trigger. I've put a fresh battery in, but it was no use. I was still able to rewind the film back into the canister.

Has anyone else experienced this type of problem with the TVS? Any insight would be helpful. I love using this camera, and would probably pay to have it repaired, so if anyone could recommended a good place to get a Contax repaired that would also be helpful (I'm located in Toronto.)