I believe it to be a 1951 K4A. Shutter seems snappy although it's a little stiff going into 1/500. Picture taking lens has a bit of dust or fungus inside, but not much. One of the images should show that. Otherwise it's in I guess average condition for a 61 year old camera. I'm selling this for my uncle and I want to get a fair price, but I'm also likely selling it to a friend so I want to make sure it's not overpriced. It does need a good general cleaning but other than that I'm a little lost on grading these things. Fleabay seems to be around $200~$250 but I could be missing something here I have no idea; I'm not a Rollei guy.

Also, if anyone has a part number or knows what Rollei calls the little pin that secures the film door, I'd appreciate it. It appears to be missing and I'd like to replace it before I sell it. The 3rd image should show where it's missing (center of photo)

Also, some of the leatherette is popping up in the corners, which is pretty normal for a camera this old. Suggestions on what I should use to reattach it?