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HAHHAHAHAHA.....man--it's like there's this mindset of people that are smarter than everyone else and don't want to spend good money on proper equipment because they feel they're being ripped off when they can get the same thing from the dimestore. Same people that are p proud of shooting xray film with their expensive equipment...they use the justification that they don't have money to shoot real film...so they are "trapped" into using xray---then they complain about getting scratches and bad images....

it's like they all want to be inventor/mcgeyver's and ALL hipsters have to do it "on the cheap" because it shows you're not stupid and you're nobody's fool...

they're all imbeciles who end up either getting something on the cheap that works so they can brag about it and show off their genius or they get somethig that don't work and ask tons of question on the boards to fix the problem "on the cheap"...

anybody who can't afford the proper equipment should not have photography as a hobby--it just doesn't work.

If you count your own time, you're way ahead getting the proper stuff--you can experiment along the way and find cheaper alternatives, but why waste your time from the get go with something iffy--film photography, to the beginners, is a crap shoot anyways.

yeah--not to say I wasn't guilty of that myself at one time--I was--we all are--that's why I understand the mentality so well--but the smarter ones see that their time is worth more than any money and act accordingly....the others...continue....and continue....and brag with the successes--that's what it's all about for them..the recognition...I seriously doubt without these message boards to post brags that any of these "on the cheap" types would even be doing photography.
Hmm, "imbeciles"..????

After 40+ years of using, designing, outfitting, adapting and modifying darkrooms:

I use and recommend "proper" equipment when it is available, appropriately priced and suited to the circumstances.

And I adapt other products, or help others do the same, when it makes more sense.

And I always weigh the value of the time involved before I decide what to do.

Do you suggest that I change my approach?