I don't like safelights that are too bright. The Thomas safelights fit into that category for me, although I know they are adjustable and they are great for large spaces. The best safelight I have ever used is now a regular overhead fixture wrapped in rubylith. It is totally safe, and just exactly the right brightness to read by, evaluate the projected image in the easel and even bright enough to evaluate the print in the developer.

I have used just about every safelight imaginable at this point. My old favorite was a large bulb I bought at Calumet years ago called a "Fireball". I used LEDs for a while as well as a regular "blood red" gel over a clamp fixture before that. Every time I have changed darkrooms over the years there were new challenges. A safelight to me only needs to be safe regardless of what it is. It just so happens that my current safelight only cost $12. I also have rubylith over a hole in the cover of the window in the darkroom. It is nice to be able to see outside or just to have some natural light in the daytime so I don't feel like a vampire! Try that with your fancy safelight!

Whatever works, use it.

By the way, I had a couple of those old Kodak silver bullet safelights. I tried to sell them a while back and no one wanted them so I turned one in to a lamp! Makes a great lamp....