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By the way, I had a couple of those old Kodak silver bullet safelights. I tried to sell them a while back and no one wanted them so I turned one in to a lamp! Makes a great lamp....
Hey, great idea. They are well-built and have a classy 50's retro charm. But the only one I have is mounted over my darkroom sink in my sheet film developing area with a Kodak #3 dark green filter in it. I use it for DBI. It's actuated by a foot switch so I can illuminate it briefly towards the end of my development time to evaluate highlights. The foot switch is a necessity, since my nitrile gloved hands will be dripping developer.

I've actually got three safelights in my darkroom. I have the Kodak bullet with the #3 filter for DBI. It's positioned at the left end of my sink, above and to the left of where my sheet film developing trays sit. I've got a 5x7 Premier safelight with OC filter to the far right of my sink. It's very dim and very safe, and I use it when I don't need much light, such as when batch processing a lot of prints. And I have a Thomas Duplex Sodium Vapor safelight for use when I'm working with the enlarger or contact printing, and I need a bit more light to see what I'm doing.

I guess if I were setting up a new darkroom and didn't already have good equipment, I'd look at using LEDs as another option. But I don't really want to have to build my own if I can avoid it. Maybe Ken will start making and selling them.