Dave Loris and others

Has any one here have success with carbon over palladium?

As well Dave thank you for the link to the notes, I have not had any time of late and I will get to them.
Do you think Mr Penn had any success with carbon over platinum?

I visited Sandy K last month after an intense PS course in Atlanta, I took down some platinum on silver gelatin that Craig K from Manitoba supplied me.
We were able to lay down a second hit of carbon quite successfully and as well we did some gelatin coating on rag paper.

My friend John Bentley (toronto based) who makes full colour carbons is telling me that gelatin and platinum palladium do not work well together but our test and that
of Craig's palladium over fixed out silver gelatin photo paper seem to prove him wrong.. any thoughts on overcoating pt pd with gelatin for carbon transfer??

I am at an interesting stage with all my testing, we have successfully made silver negatives to size required, and have separated into many different hits or layers if you will.
We have mounted rag paper to aluminum and have made registered prints.
At Sandy's we made colour tissue with no issues .
We also have made very nice contact prints to 20 x24 size on Ilford Warmtone Paper, that have a wonderful quality.

I have scanned a series of images and have a bundle of multiple negs to print , its time to pull it all together and make a grouping of portfolio prints.
I am convinced that carbon over palladium is the way to go , but John's nagging warning is in the back of my mind and I am wondering
about the success rate of applying gelatin over pt pd.
At this point I am not using inkjet negs , but real silver negs, I feel I can get better detail resolution, as well better blocking power, making the negatives are more intuitive for me as I am use to looking at negatives ,rather than plotting curves to make my images and this method seems to work well for me.

Sandy has led me down an interesting path when making multiple hits, and I will have to try his way of a single transfer and peel vs the multiple wettings that I planned to put the base image on aluminum through.