Hi All,

My girlfriend's birthday is coming up and instead of getting her something digital related (she shoots a D5100), I was thinking I should get her something in the square format since she really like that format. That said, I was looking for something vintage-ish with a bit of style. I've been drawn towards the Bronica C and S models, although I don't know if I could afford at what most people are asking these days. The other idea would be a TLR, especially considering it'd remove the temptation of buying more lenses.

Maybe an Ikoflex? I used to own a C330 and found it too bulky for the traveling we do, so instead something more compact. I like Yaschicas fine, but they seem to have become so popular that the prices are a bit exaggerated. Other thoughts?

This is kinda a feeler thread looking for general ideas. Maybe $250 at most?