The other thread that Kodak is selling its film has got to 50 pages. This one has managed two, now three posts. It seems very clear that Kodak will not be selling its motion picture film but in words of one syllable can anyone identify what still films will not be sold? Is it the whole current range of B&W and colour neg?

It sounds like very good news but it would be nice if a Kodak exec would simply say either: "All Kodak consumer film, I repeat all Kodak consumer film, will continue as Kodak products and will not be sold or stopped"

No-one these days seems to want to believe good news - its just not exciting enough and worse, kills all discussion.

However the good news announcers from the company in question could be a little plainer so no-one is in any doubt and the moderators could close all the doomsday threads and we could get back to discussing dull stuff about photography.