That's a great reminder, Ixdude. 100D is an E-6 color reversal cine film with no REMJET backing. It's a modern T-grain film. It is contrasty and super-saturated, which may not be to everyone's liking. According to a Kodak FAQ I found, it was based on the E100 line of still films. It has Bell & Howell perfs, but I doubt this would be a problem for any 35mm still camera.

Kodak's product page on the 100D film shows it is available in 400 foot rolls in 35mm, 100 foot rolls and spools in 16mm, and Super 8 cartridges. Once the last of the E100 and Elite Chrome film is gone off of store shelves, this would be a good replacement provided the contrast and saturated color are to the photographer's liking.