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+1. Eye of the beholder. Some are blind.
Okay, I am on my second scotch -- nothing pisses me more than when I point out, lets say, an upper corner of blank sky that destroys the sense of balance in an image...and I hear back, "But that was just the way it was!"...I want to wring their neck and say, "Then don't take the bloody picture -- or at least don't print the dang thing!"

But I don't because I actually know what they are trying to say and we all have to make these errors and hopefully learn from them.

Would you all like it as much if Adams had done all the dodging and burning manipulation using Photoshop?
Probably not, since it would have been taken at a different point of time in the history of photography and probably would have been too heavy a hand put on the sharpening filter. And in color and printed too large -- I have seen Moonrise printed in mural size...too bloody big.