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Would you all like it as much if Adams had done all the dodging and burning manipulation using Photoshop?

Using Photoshop would have required the exactly same artistic interpretation on the image he had originally captured.
No, I would not have liked it, because it would not have been hand made, now days, there is computer made and then there is everything that is not computer made, big, big difference in the required talent and persistence.

And I disagree with you in terms of what the artistic interpretation of the image would have been if photoshop were around. It simply was not and there is no going back from that....thank god.

Personally, I have never been one to manipulate images to the degree that Adams did and *certainly* not to the point of the worthless garbage I see from people using photoshop. But I did have a "Hernandez" moment this year and I am still quite taken aback that I pulled it off, all in the way I saw it, shot it, souped it and printed it, requiring every ounce of technique and talent I could pull together. It took a ton of work and the result is not something you can get from a computer photo....