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It's obviously a skit, I get it, but the hipster is a walking parody by default. The instagram fad is just an incidental detail in the absurdity that is hipster culture. It's just an accessory. These people have to create lifestyles for themselves marked by a facade of creativity, even when they don't have any real artistic intentions. What annoys me more is the way they hang around in aggresively pretentious cliques and are oblivious to their cliches - which they try to hide with their obscure tastes. I have a few on Facebook and every status update is philosophically trying - usually links to TED talks, their thoughts on the latest science news (science = geek chic of course) or obscure urban art. Hipster culture only seems to apply to people in their 20s, which means, thankfully, they'll probably grow out of it.
What I find sad is, among this group of people there are probably some really creative types who could be doing some great work if they would open themselves up to critique and perhaps ridicule from their "peers". But they stay in their herd where it's safe and approving. Their facade is ridiculous, and I laugh at them, but I'm sorry at their passing chances to create for themselves a true individual human life. All too soon that window closes mighty small and you're left with what might be a half-finished work.