Hi everyone!

Being a film photographer, I've been doing some hacks to save the EXIF data from exposures. Mostly it was plain text on paper notebook during the shoot and then manual attribute infusion using some desktop EXIF tool when the scans were ready. That wasn't so practical, I got tired and decided to code my own solution.

So, I've created an Android app for recording the EXIF data while taking pictures. I've also coded a desktop utility (or optionally AdobeŽ LightroomŽ plug-in) that takes the data from the Android app and saves it on scans, so the process is automated.

You can save following EXIF data:
* Aperture, shutter speed, focal length.
* Lens, camera details, filter.
* Film information, push/pull.
* Location, time.
* Complementary camera picture.
* Note, metering mode, light source.

There are also other handy features, such as grouping exposures by rolls, or the built-in films database (~100 brands) (you can add your own types/brands). Also, you can add your cameras and lenses and use their params on rolls/exposures; view the exposures on map. Additionally, there's an experimental import/export of recorded gear or films, so you could share your own created entities with friends. Plus you can either export to SD card, or to your Dropbox account.

All that is free: www.exif4film.com. Any feedback is highly appreciated.