All depend, Leigh. If they considered all the aspects of the image and liked it that way, fine -- I don't have to like it for it to be a good image to them. But if they just, for example, looked at the subject without considering the entire image, and the rest of the image detracts from their subject, then they have failed to make the best image they are capable of. But some people feel like 'okay' is good enough...and usually they say in their defense, "I like it that way. That's why I took the photo."

I broke one of my own rules and critiqued a baby picture -- a dumb thing to do. Rarely can a parent see past the baby.

Another classic is the tree or post growing out of someone's head. The photographer might still like the photo because of their relationship to the subject. But it still a fail as a photograph. Unless, of course the photographer wanted the tree growing out their subject's head for some odd or even logical reason.

Rules of composition are meant to be broken, but it helps to know the rules first...but sometimes one can get lucky.