I've been scanning this thread, many ideas, but in the end this is nothing that can be done in any larger scale.

Most people act and react and take action based on completely other parameters. Inherency is one of them, unless you have a strong urge to belong to a specific group of any kind, a thing like this is not very likely to happen.

Take Hipsters, a group with values based on being retro in a hip way, doing the right retro things, such as shoot film, amongst the people who strongly identifies themselves with the values of this group, it's going to be very easy to sell the idea of film photography to those who have not yet already picked it up.

In general, the rest of the population values the pragma of digital shooting, not even thinking about film photography as an alternative since it's not filling any higher values in how and with what and who they identify themselves. Should you mention it to them you'd get "why? its expensive, I dont see what I shoot, and it takes time to get the pictures", there's zero in the concept that reaches the core values of their identity.

One of the only potential groups of people to reach out to would be people in a certain age group that grew up with it and who may have been shooting when they were younger, who now have the time and maybe the money to do it again, there you have the emotional connection again, and this is what makes the difference.

This applies to all kind of marketing for any products/services etc.