OP, if you stick with LF you'll realize within a year after you started that you bought the wrong camera. This happens to everyone. Until you've used the gear, you won't really know what you enjoy and need.

About buying at a swap meet. Not a good idea. LF cameras are poorly represented at them, so are lenses, buyers rarely have any recourse, prices are often not good. If you don't know prices and can't afford to overpay, don't buy at a camera show.

If I had to do it all over again, given today's prices, I'd probably start with a Cambo or Calumet-badged Cambo. Monorail cameras with full movements front and rear, very modular, not very expensive used and fairly plentiful. The best monorail alternative is probably Sinar, but I don't know that system (or prices for Sinar gear) well enough to know whether a Sinar would be a better starter camera than a Cambo.

I shoot 2x3 Graphics and a 2x3 Cambo. If you want a view camera, you don't want a Graphic, they are just too limited. And nowadays decent 4x5 Crown Graphics cost more than decent 4x5 Cambos.

Re lenses, start slow. Its easy to go overboard. I started out with a normal lens for 2x3, recommend that you start out with a normal lens for 4x5 (150 mm). Every so often someone runs a little poll here or on the LF forum "your most-used focal length." Normal for the format always wins. There's a hint.

Good luck, have fun.