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In an article, "What Makes a Photograph Good" by Edward Steichen, included in the book I keep reading and re-reading, "Photographic Communication" compiled by R. Smith Schuneman.

A passage by Steichen keeps drawing me in. I have to say it makes a lot of sense to me. I thought of tagging this thought into a few recent threads, but I think it is a pretty valuable discussion point on its own...

Steichen: "I have never maintained except possibly in my youth that photography was a fine art. I always referred to it as the art of photography. That puts us in the same class as the art of the hairdresser, the art of the manicurist, and possibly the bootblack. That's the way I like it."

"As to my personal feelings, I get a much bigger kick out of someone saying to me about one of my prints, "That's a fine photograph," rather than "That's artistic." Let us take pride in what we are: Photographers. Let us take pride in photography and let the rest take care of itself."
I recall reading that years ago, now that you remind me.

As for whether or not photography is a "fine art", I do not call or think of myself as a photographer, but as a craftsman/artisan who happens to use a camera to make nice pictures. Sometimes.