Most of this stuff is just arguing or pondering words that have lost their meaning. Art, craft, fine art, less than fine art...

When someone started acting out in public and described that as "performance art", I knew we were doomed. When a singer started calling themselves "recording artists" and when painting canvases with her boobs became art, the game was up.

To me much of the wording is merely marketing, and much is the breathless adoration of morons trying to show off that THEY know and recognize "art".

Most of these artistic pursuits are just people trying to learn and perfect a craft, and once in a while they reach a point when one of their projects reaches the level of art. Pretty rare really.

So for me it's all pretty easy to sort out. If you name yourself an "artist" you're a bullshitter and if some one else names you that, then maybe you are. Maybe.