Sandy is definitely the master at this, but let me try to get you started:

First, slightly overexpose the film (iso 64 and 50 work). I've found with Pyrocat the extra stop helps a little on shadow and midtone values.

Next, mix up some 1:1:100 at 68 degrees. Soak your film for 3-4 minutes, pour out the dye, do it again, pour out the dye, should be all cleared now.

For a soft image (very low contrast of a few stops from my highest value to lowest) I could start out as low as 8 min, but for average scenes find 13 minutes to be ideal. If the scene is super high contrast, you can develop as long as 20 minutes with solid results. This will heavily stain the highlights and create a flatter neg needed for PT/PD printing. I do 45 seconds of agitation followed by 15 second inversions at every 1/4 of the time (every 5 minutes for 20 and 3 for 12, etc).

This should at least get you in the ballpark.