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Re lenses, start slow. Its easy to go overboard. I started out with a normal lens for 2x3, recommend that you start out with a normal lens for 4x5 (150 mm). Every so often someone runs a little poll here or on the LF forum "your most-used focal length." Normal for the format always wins. There's a hint.

Good luck, have fun.
Dan's lens advice is spot on. Even shooters who use a plethora of lenses on 35mm often find themselves straying less from normal. I use three: a 90mm, a 150mm, and a 210mm and am very happy with the range. I will likely add one longer lens eventually but it's really not necessary.

The LF forums at the site Leigh refers to are a good resource to watch the classifieds and get an idea of what is available at what prices.