I'm new to MF photography and living in Asia, and have long hankered for a Hasselblad, but have been cautious about buying used equipment here, since most of it seems of uncertain provenance and is in dubious condition. So, finding myself with a a bit of spare cash, I decided to acquire a new 503cw while they are still being made. I dealt directly with the national distributor, who seem entirely on the up and up, with a sophisticated office, largish staff, low-key sales approach, etc. I was told that it would take some time to get the camera body and two film magazines, as they needed to order them from the international office, so I gave them a deposit and left for a holiday. Three weeks later, they informed me that all had arrived.

However, when I went to pick up the goods, I couldn't help but notice the boxes were a bit scuffed. But on opening, all appeared to be in good order and well packed: the camera box contained the owner's manual together with an warranty, inspection certificate, and camera strap. And the camera box itself and the magazines appeared to be in excellent shape. However, I noted that the serial number for the 503cw, beginning 19SR. . . appears to date its manufacture to 2008 and the magazines, both beginning 30SE. . ., to 2009. Hence I became somewhat uneasy, but but the staff assured me these were new and not used products. I said I'd like to check first and and still can back out, but only at the expense of my sizable deposit.

Is it plausible that Hasselblad International is now selling stock made in 2008 and 2009 and that am I being too cautious? Is there a ready way to check if a camera has been registered before?

I don't want to be cheated, but on the other hand, I had my heart set on MF adventures in the very near future.

Any thoughts or advice on how best to proceed would be most welcome! Thanks.