Yes, PS is just another tool kit, rather than a single tool, and can be used by either a genius or a fool. Good for mimicking this or that; but how things evolved in the first place often gives them their
historical importance. I was saw a remark in NG mag that when Timothy O Sullivan first saw a 35mm
camera in old age he wished he'd had one when he went down the Colorado River in a wooden dory.
Thank goodness, he didn't - or else instead of the iconic epic shots of his we now have, it would have been something more journalistic and Geographicky. Sometimes less is more. And for that reason, just about everyone I know who used PS responsibly is also someone who learned what they
want in a darkroom first! Turn a kid loose in a candy shop with no supervision, and he'll eat enough
to barf. And that's just about what most Fauxtoshop prints look like to me! Not the fault of the
technology, but of having way too much horsepower in an automobile with a kid behind the wheel
who probably couldn't steer a lawnmower. Slow down, folks, maybe you'll actually see something!