Hi All.

I have an Agfa Isolette iii with a leaking bellows.

I've watched Denis Workman's video on removing a bellows and have attempted to remove the roller guides as he suggested by flexing the metal support at each end with pliers. But all that happens is that the base of the camera plate flexes upwards to meet the inner blacked metal plate with no movement around the base of the roller. As a result the latter stubbornly remains in the camera. As far as I can see the only possibility of getting the guides out is to apply pressure way to the metal support from the inside, pushing the supporting metal plates away from each other. Even then I can't see how this can be done without using enough force to damage the camera.

So how do I get these out?

And what sort of tool do I need to release the lens without scratching the blacking?

And advice? I'd rather be certain that I can get the camera apart safely before buying a bellows.

Chris B.