Before you dump the M, may I ask you to just once more load the camera up and give it one last try. I have been exactly where you are many, many times in the past couple of years. EVERY manual focus camera I have suffers from the same issues you have with your M. I found only when concentrating on my breathing and perhaps technique too (as in keeping my excitement level low) I was able to get wonderful results on any of the MF cameras I have. Yes, it did take away from my concentration on the composition or some other important aspect of the shot I was going to make.

I haven't given up as I get older with any of my MF cameras, I do find I am much more selective in using them (as in daylight hours only). Humor me.....can you give it a last go and concentrate on steadiness, and breath control.....if it works, then you know you can do it, but that you will have to work much harder at getting that "fun" shot of the kids or whatever. I have chosen to mostly use my autofocus cameras for 99% of my photography.

That said....many of my MF cameras have a terrific look that I absolutely love (and the autofocus just plain don't many times) particularly with a unique film choice.

Plus, I may have a personal attachment to all my cameras that I simply cannot break. It would be like selling one of the kids (at least the one's you want to keep)......can't say for sure. Never met a camera I couldn't find something to like about it....

Bob E.