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It matters. If the film is divided with pre-exposed boundaries that means that the already tiny market for 127 film is to be divided according to the camera you own. You have to buy 127 "for the square format 13x13" or 127 "for the standard format 13x17". And if you own a 127 camera which uses the 13x19 format, you have to find yet another different film. All this really is industrially insane.

Since roll film was invented the sensitive surface is continuous and is the camera which uses the roll freely.
You're confusing 127 with 110. VERY different things. 127 is basically roll film like 120 only slightly smaller, about 4 cm across, thus the 4x4cm "baby" Rolleis. Far larger negatives than 35mm and capable of fine results with modern films if the camera is. 110 is a sub-miniature format with the sizes you list.